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samara got five

In early August customer service "Palfinger SANY Cranes" made a safety  instructions for the well-known  Samara  company "Biznestransservis" . BTS LLC is a transportation company specializing in the construction equipment for  rent for the sectors of construction, oil and gas industry and housing sector. 

The company  actively works in Moscow, Orenburg , Volgograd, Ulyanovsk, Saratov areas .

In 36 degrees heat  the service engineer Sergei Ivanov told the mechanics and operators  about nuances in work of  50-ton crane , about truck crane management , answered questions on all systems of the crane and tested the crane before work. Engineer on labour protection of the client company was interested in the safety of the crane , so this aspect was pais attentiong moret then others. 

Employees of the company have rich experience on foreign  machinery , so they got the knowledge very quickly . The operators were pleased with air conditioning in the cabin of the crane operator and driver , cooling system hydraulics as this hottest summer it is really cool . For winter conditions there is heating fuel system in the crane.

The new crane with WeiChai engine, with bilingual menus with optional counterweight will work in the surrounding regions.

In Samara there already work 5 PALFINGER SANY truck cranes - 3 cranes of 25 tons 2 mobile crane of 50 tons.


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